About COVID-19 Prevention Measures


Tiny House Hotel Moritabbby is taking the following measures to prevent from COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding.

1. Guest Room


  • Before guests’ arrival, the windows are fully opened to ventilate the room.

  • An air purifier, that collects viruses, molds, PM2.5, and flower pollen, is in each house.

  • We provide disposable slippers and paper cups.

  • There is hand sanitizer in spray bottle.

  • High temperature dryers are used for linens.


2. Staff


  • Front desk staff wears a mask.

  • Staff regularly wash their hands, gargle and disinfect our hands.

  • Before starting work, we measure the body temperature and check the health status.

  • We ventilate regularly.

  • We sanitize public spaces.

  • When cleaning a house, staff wears disposable vinyl gloves and thoroughly disinfect a house.

  • Check-in is done for one representative per group outside the administration office.

  • In case of rain, we do check-in procedure in the administration office. A transparent panel to prevent from a splash is attached to the front desk.

  • A cash tray is used for payment.


3. Requests to Guests


  • Please cooperate with the temperature measurement and physical condition check at check-in. If a guest’s body temperature is over 37.5 degrees, we recommend to visit a medical clinic.

  • Check-in is done for one representative of each group at a time.

  • Check-out procedure is omitted.

  • If you have a fever, cold, vomiting or diarrhea, please let us know.

  • Please wear a mask when not eating and drinking, and wash and disinfect your hands regularly.

  • Please keep social distance from other guests.