about booking & CANCELLATION


Q. Is the price shown per cabin?
No, a price depends on the number of guests. 

Q. Is there cancellation charge?
Yes, 100% cancellation fee will be charged within 4 days of  your arrival.  


Q. What is a capacity?
Three persons

Q. Can we stay more than the capacity?
No. Since the space is limited, 3 persons are maximum.

Q. Can children stay?
Yes. A child over 7 years old can stay and is charged the same amount as adult.

Q. Can we use a single futon at the loft?

It's for the third person.

Q. Can I stay with my pet?
Yes, you can stay with a small/medium sized dog up to 10 kilograms at "Camping Trailer." If you would like to bring your dog, please send us request. Please so not let your dog out of the circle inside the house. It costs 2,500 yen per dog per night. Please pay at check-in.

about check-in & out


Q. What time is check-in?

After 3pm. You can check in anytime after 15:00.


Q. How do I check-in?
Please check-in at the front desk if you arrive before 8pm. After 8pm, please go to your cabin and take out the keys from the key box installed on the door. We will inform you of the key code by e-mail in advance.

Q. Is early check-in available?

 Sorry but it's not possible. You can leave your luggages at the office if you arrive early.

Q. What time is check-out?

Before 10:00. When checking out, please keep your key at the kitchen counter and leave unlocked.

Q. Is late check-out available?

Yes, check-out time can be extended until 12:00. The extension fee is 500 yen per 30 min. 

Q. Do I leave a key at the front desk when going out?

No. Please keep a key until you check-out. 

about parkinG & Winter Tire


Q. Is there parking space? 

Yes, there is parking space on the hotel site.

Q. Do I need studless tires during the winter months? 

Yes, we recommend using studless tires if you are staying from January to March. It sometimes snows from December to April. It doesn't pile up every time, but it can pile up more than a meter. Snow removal work will be done on the road near the hotel. Weekdays (Monday to Saturday) may take up to around 11:00 am, and holidays and Sunday may take up to around 15:00 pm, so it may take some time to drive out of the premises on heavy snow days. 

about luggage

Q. Can I send my luggage to the hotel by courier in advance?

Yes, you can send it to the following address. Please specify your name and date of arrival on a slip.


Tiny House Hotel Moritabby

Yamanakako 865-289, Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0501, Japan

Phone Number:

+81 555 25 6086

Q. Can you keep my luggage after check-out?

Yes, you can leave your luggage in the office and pick up by 17:00 on the day you check out. However, the office is closed between 13:00 to 15:00.

about front desk

Q. What is office hours?

It's open between 15:00 and 19:00.

Q. From what time to what time are calls accepted?

From 10:00 to 19:00 Japan time.

Q. Does staff speak multiple languages?

Yes, a front desk staff speaks English, Japanese, and some Spanish.

Q. Do you provide a shuttle service from a JR station or bus stop nearby?

No, there is no shuttle service. Please take a taxi.

Q. Do I get sightseeing tips and restaurant information?

Yes, please contact the front desk during the business hour. We offer activity proposals, express bus and restaurant reservation services.

Q. Can I take your mascot dog to walk?

Yes, any time during your stay. We will lend you a leash and a walking bag.


Q. Are there wash and dry?

A 24-hour coin launderette is a 4-minute walk away.

Q. Do I get a special service on my companion's birthday?

We offer "Happy Birthday / Anniversary Plan" that includes room decoration, 2 meals, local sparkling wine, and photo cake.

about facilities & house rules

Q. Is WiFi available?

Yes, high speed WiFi is available in the cabin. You can view videos without stress.

Q. Is there air conditioner?

Yes, there are air conditioner (cool and warm) and gas fan heater.

Q. What can I find in a kitchen?

There are IH cooking heater, electric pot, microwave oven, small sized refrigerator, large sized pan, large sized pot, bowl, strainer, ladle, cooking knife, cooking scissors, cutting board, dishes, wine opener, wine glasses, tea cup, coffee cup, spoon, knife, fork, and chopsticks.


If you need, we can provide you a rice cooker, salt, pepper, and oil at the front desk.

Q. Is there a freezer?

No, there is only a refrigerator in a kitchen. If you need a freezer, please ask at the front desk. There is a freezer in the office. 

Q. Can I drink tap water?

Yes, you can. The water comes from Mt. Fuji. It's safe and good quality.

Q. Can I store my road racing bicycle in the cabin?

Yes, please keep it in your cabin.

Q. Can I enter the cabin with my shoes on?

No, please take off your shoes at the entrance. There are slippers inside.

Q. How can I dry my wet shoes?

You can dry them with a shoe dryer that you can find in the cabin. It takes about 60 min to dry.

Q. Is a cabin senior and disabled people friendly?

Sorry, it's not.

Q. Can I smoke inside of the cabin?

No. All cabins are non-smoking. Please use the smoking space in front of the office.


If you smoke even once in the cabin, it will take more than a week for the smell to be removed, which may be inconvenienced by other guests.

Q. Are there insects?

Yes, there are some insects as the forest is nearby. They may enter when opening and closing the door. Spray insecticides are available in the building and all windows have screens. If you are not good at insects or have allergy, it's better not to stay at this cabin.

about bicycle

Q. Can I book bicycle in advance?

No. Rentals are made in order of availability and reservations are not accepted.

Q. How much is a rental fee?

Two-hour rental fee is 500 yen. One day rental is 1,500 yen.  It's less than half price compared to the rental shops.

Q. What time can I use bicycle? 
You can use it anytime. 

Q. Do you have a bicycle for children or child seat attached to a bike?

No. All the bikes are 27 inches for adults and we don't have a child seat. You can rent the one for children at the bicycle shop nearby.

Q. Do you have a tandem bicycle?

No. You can rent the one at the bicycle shop nearby.


Q. Is extra bed or futon available?

Yes, single sized futon set is available for 2,500 yen.

Q. Can I rent something that is not in the room?

Yes. Various board games, irons, ironing boards, thermometers, bandages, nail clippers, stationery, sewing sets, seasoning sets (salad oil, salt pepper, soy sauce), rice cooker are available for free at the front desk.

about eating and playing  

Q. Are the meals included?

We offer 2 meals plan and without meals plan.

Q. Are there restaurants nearby?

There are izakaya (Japanese pub), cafeteria, hoto (regional food), sushi, ramen, udon, soba, Italian restaurant, Gasto, Dennis, and coffee shop in 3-10 minutes on foot.

Q. Are there convenience shop and super market nearby?

Yes, there are two convenience shops and supermarket within 5 minutes on foot.

Q. Can we do barbecue? Do you have equipment rentals?

Yes, you can enjoy BBQ in front of your cabin between all the year till 8pm. A set of equipments are available for 3,500 yen up to 3 people. It  includes barbecue grill, cooking utensils, table, chairs, 3 kilogram charcoal, and fire starter. It costs 1,000 yen per person for over 3 people.  Additional charcoal of 3 kilogram is 500 yen. If you would like to rent it, please let us know when you book. You can also bring your own barbecue grill. In that case please take all the barbecue related garbage home. Charcoal and firewood for bonfire are available at the supermarket nearby.


Q. Can we do fireworks?

It's prohibited.

Q. Can we see Mt. Fuji from my room?

No though you can see it from the hotel site during a winter time. 
Q. Are there hiking trails in Lake Yamanaka?

Yes, there are four trails around the lake. Each one takes about four hours. The front desk explains you the details when you check in.

Q. Can we fish in Lake Yamanaka?

Yes, it's possible. You can catch smelt and black bass depending on the season. Fishing equipment can be rented at the shop, a 4-minute walk from the hotel.

Q. Can we swim in Lake Yamanaka?

Yes, but it is not recommended because the water is muddy and the temperature is low even in summer.

Q. Can we rent a boat?
Yes, you can at a several shops near the lake. 


Q. What are the best seasons?

September is the best season because the weather is good, there are few people after summer vacation, and the accommodation fee is much lower than summer time. Also, November is a good month when the autumn leaves are beautiful. If you don't mind a cold weather, December, January, and February are the best months to view Mt. Fuji with snow on top. You can also see Diamond Fuji that sun hits the top of Mt. Fuji in late afternoon and sparkles like a diamond. "Illumination Fantadium" is held at the Hanano Miyako Park located in 15 min walk or 2 min drive from the hotel from late November to the 3rd of January. You can enjoy fireworks starting at 8pm on every Saturday during this event.