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2020年、山梨県側の富士山ルートを閉鎖 Fuji Route on the Yamanashi Side Closed in 2020




Unfortunately, due to the influence of the coronavirus, it is no longer possible to climb Mt. Fuji from the Yamanashi side during the summer season from July 1st to September 10th this year. It will continue to be closed until winter, so it will be closed the whole year 2020.

The roads to be closed are Yamada Prefecture's Yoshida route (the closest route from Lake Kawaguchi, the most popular route), the mountain trail, and the four forest roads that connect to the trail.

It says that the trail of Mt. Fuji is closed for the first time since 1988 when there is a record. May the Yoshida route be opened as usual next year.

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