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Offer Long-term Stay Discount for Remote Workers, Businessman, and Trial Relocators

The long-term stay of one week or more, which has been frequently inquired, is now offered at a special price.

Each house is independent, with kitchen, washbasin, shower and toilet. As it’s equipped with high-speed WiFi, desk, table and chair, it can be used as an office. If necessary, you can use a printer in the administration house.

Cooking utensils such as pots, kitchen knives, cutting boards, tableware, refrigerators, IH cooking heater and microwave ovens are also available.

You can use a washing machine and dryer in the management house between 15: 00-9:30 or there is a 24-hour coin laundry at a 4-minute walk.

Tiny House Moritabby is a 3-minute walk to the lake. Convenience stores, supermarket, drug store, pharmacy, 100-yen shop, cafes, restaurants, bus stops, and hot springs are also located within a 3 to 10-minute walk.

Although the location is not full of nature, there is a tiny forest on the premises, where you can relax on a hammock and enjoy barbecue outside.

Cycling around the lake and nearby villages, hiking overlooking at Mt.Fuji, fishing, canoeing, boating, jet skiing, horseback riding, visiting caves, 1-2 hour sessions such as sutras and zazen at temples in the neighboring villages, yoga, Nordic walks, tai chi, as well as pottery are available. You will get advice on how to enjoy the area at the reception.

If you are interested in a long stay at the Tiny House Hotel Moritabby, please contact us by email ( or phone (0555-25-6086).


Off Season


House No. 1-3 62,500 yen/week 198,000 yen/month

House No. 4-5 60,000 yen/week 18,0000 yen/month

Middle Season


House No. 1-3 68,500 yen/week 234,000 yen/month

House No. 4-5 60,000 yen/week 204,000 yen/month

High Season

(4/29-5/6、7/20 – 9/2、12/30-1/3)

House No. 1-3 73,500 yen/week 254,000 yen/month

House No. 4-5 65,000 yen/week 224,000 yen/month


(1) The fee is per building. Capacity is 3 people. Please contact us if there are more than 4 people including children.

(2) The rate for one person is 20% off the above prices.

(3) We clean a house and change linens once a week.

(4) If you wish to get your house clean more than once a week, the additional 2,500 yen is charged per time.

(5) Bicycle is free to use.

(6) A washing and drying machine are available in the back of reception house. The operating time is from 15:00 to 9:30, and the fee is 800 yen up to 5 kirograms.

(7) Payment must be made on the first day of accommodation. You can use cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB).

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